Patient Engagement: The Way of the Future
post by Luke Stout, TriMed Technologies - August 18, 2021

We desire to be connected to friends and family as much as possible. That meaningful connection happens through communication. At TriMed, we believe that same communication is important for both patients and providers. The ability to reach and easily interact with staff, nurses and doctors is a big factor in determining which healthcare provider patients choose. We understand these relational dynamics and continue to be on the cutting edge of developing tools that allow for easy and frequent communication between patients and their medical home. Simply, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to patient engagement.

Personal Responses

Text when you arrive. Text “Y” or “N” to confirm your appointment. SMS is being used in virtually every industry these days and healthcare is no exception. At TriMed, our tools allow practices to send outbound and receive inbound messages seamlessly and securely from directly within the EHR.

Patient Portal: Health Records made Accessible

The patient portal is another quick and easy way for patients to securely schedule appointments, send a message to a nurse and provider, pay a balance, view records, or upload a document or picture for review.

A Seamless Experience

Another great feature is integrating your website with our EHR and patient portal. In essence, the patient portal is the gateway that provides a simple and effective channel for patients and families to access everything needed within their medical home. At the core of the portal is the goal of patient care and a sense of belonging and connection.