Telemedicine: Secure Care & Connection
post by Luke Stout, TriMed Technologies - July 1, 2021

As a medical software group, we are extremely proud of how our telemedicine tools have served many practices and patients during the COVID pandemic. A number of practices that do not utilize our full suite of tools have signed on just to access the telemedicine tools and it has been of great benefit to them.

Telemedicine does not work for every type of visit. A pediatric wellness appointment almost always necessitates an in office visit. Although this is true for certain visit types, there are a number of other visit types for which telemedicine provides the necessary functionality. For patients with asthma or ADHD for example, a virtual telemed visit allows a provider to check in, see if there are any needs or issues and then send a refill to the pharmacy, all without the patient having to come physically into the office.

Another great feature is the integration with our EHR, which allows a provider to conduct a telemedicine visit from directly within a patient’s chart.

The setup on the practice side of things is really simple. Once a patient books a telemedicine visit, they receive a secure link that allows them to connect with the nurse and provider on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Virtual visits continue to be an integral part of the healthcare industry. With TriMed’s Telemedicine software, both patients and providers can feel safe and at ease while still getting the healthcare they need.