How Patient Portals Can Improve Patient Care
post by Samantha Strazanac, TriMed Technologies - September 21, 2022


Patient portals are revolutionizing how patients interact with their providers and are quickly becoming the new standard in patient care. If your medical practice is not already using one that compliments your EHR, now is the time to get on board and see how it can help improve your patient care and communication! With easy-to-use, cloud-based patient portals, patients can access their medical records, lab results, and appointment information from anywhere with an internet connection without individual apps or specialty software. This makes it easier for patients to stay on top of their healthcare journey and helps improve the relationship between patients and providers.

One of the best features of patient portals is that they give patients more control over their health care and transparency of their personal medical information. With a patient portal, they can view their medical records, request prescription refills, and even message providers – all from the comfort of their mobile device or computer. This increased access to information and communication with providers allows a stronger relationship between the patient and the provider, thus improving the trust and respect between both parties.

A strong relationship between patients and providers is vital to quality patient care. Patient portals and telemedicine are just two ways TriMed Complete EHR works to improve patient care and the relationship between patients and providers. The software suite for TriMed Complete EHR contains every tool necessary for proper patient care, patient communication, and practice management, including telehealth and telemedicine options. The patient portal is one of the essential tools in this suite, as it helps improve patient care and communication while making things more convenient for patients and providers.

Improve the patient care in your medical practice and strengthen your relationship with your patients with an EHR that has an easy-to-use patient portal as well as patient engagement capabilities such as telehealth, prescription requests, and online appointment booking. TriMed Complete EHR has all these features with a cloud-based platform, allowing patients to access their healthcare information from anywhere without downloading a proprietary application or needing to monitor updates within the app. With TriMed’s easy-to-use portal, patients can take control of their healthcare and get the information and support they need to live healthier lives.

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