Patient Recall Software Improves Patient Check-In Procedures

Running a medical practice is challenging, especially when it comes to rescheduling patients for follow-up visits. Contacting, scheduling, registering, and checking patients in can be one of the most meticulous tasks your front office faces. Learn how to simplify the patient recall process to improve patient check-in procedures.

Patient Recall Software Simplifies Patient Contact Processes

While their health is a priority, patients also have very busy lives. It’s easy to forget an annual check-up or three-month follow-up. It’s just as easy for patients to forget as it is difficult for your practice staff to keep up with patient lists and contact strategies. Many practices have thousands of patients to manage. Automated Patient Recall software provides an important way to show patients your practice cares about their health as well as to increase your revenue.

A strong patient recall module can manage the strategy for your practice and enable you to tailor the system to meet your practice’s unique patient recall needs. If your patient wants emails, letters or phone call reminders—you should be able to select that option in your software. In addition, your software should also manage and reference a complete history of all recall activity for you to review. A strong patient recall software module will also provide online recall work screens for you to automatically generate and distribute recall communications to those hard to reach patients. And reaching patients is half the battle.

Patient Contact Generates Appointments

Most patients are happy to return for their visits upon receiving a friendly reminder. Once your practice has a strategy to contact patients, scheduling them should be a breeze with the right Appointment Scheduling software. Your practice’s bottom line can suffer due to ineffective recall strategies and scheduling inefficiencies. Your patient recall software should be part of a Practice Management and EHR software that provides easy and complete patient scheduling so that when patients call back, your staff can enter them in the system immediately. It should allow you to track no-shows, automate appointment reminders, and manage room statuses. It should send reminders via either phone, email or SMS messages – and allow for the patient to respond.

Simplify Your Patient Check-In Procedures with TriMed’s EHR

Start boosting your revenue and patient visits with TriMed’s Practice Management and EHR. From patient recall to patient registration and scheduling, TriMed simplifies your practice and automates your strategy so you can focus on what matters most: your patients. Get the patient recall software and EHR that will improve your patient visit throughput by contacting TriMed Technologies today at (866) 874-6339.

October 14th, 2016