Best Software for Medical Office Management

Aside from the benefits offered through CMS’ meaningful use incentives, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) can make managing your practice simpler and more effective. Before EHR, medical practices had to rely on time-consuming physical processes, from creating and maintaining hard copy charts and allocating space for storage, to documenting and exchanging patient data by hand. EHR offers a digital solution to expedite your medical office management through seamless workflow, reduced errors, and increased cost savings.

A national survey of doctors who were ready to certify their practice for CMS’ meaningful use offers important insight on the benefits of EHR:

  • 79% of providers report that with an EHR, their practice functions more efficiently
  • 82% report that sending prescriptions electronically (e-prescribing) saves time
  • 68% of providers see their EHR as an asset with recruiting physicians
  • 75% receive lab results faster
  • 70% report enhancements in data confidentiality
Practices Utilizing EHR Report Reduced Cost in Medical Office Management

Digitizing your practice saves time and money. Administrative tasks, such as manually filling out forms and processing billing requests, characterize a substantial percentage of health care costs. EHRs can increase practice efficiencies by streamlining these tasks and considerably decreasing costs.

With centralized chart management, quick document access, action, and review reduces the amount of time spent assessing and documenting patient data. Scheduling systems within EHRs can link appointments and diagnoses to notes, coding, and claims. Direct communication with other physicians and facilities is fully electronic and secure, saving time spent on the phone or sending manual faxes. Lab tests and diagnostic images can be ordered with the click of a button, and public health systems registry reporting can be completed automatically.

There is no doubt the advances in technology have radically changed the way the world communicates, and the benefits of technology are extended to your medical office management through the use of EHR.

Practices Utilizing an integrated Practice Management (PM) and EHR Reported Increased Revenue

Billing and coding errors are an enemy of your practice’s accounting department. Incorrect charges, codes, and claims can result in increased time spent to obtain reimbursement and increases financial loss from denials. With a fully integrated PM and EHR, manual billing entries are eliminated from your medical office management process, which results in more accurate billing and reduced lost charges. Additionally, charge review alerts assist physicians when reviewing charges to ensure they are accurate and necessary.

Save Time and Money with TriMed’s Document Manager

TriMed offers a unique Document Manager tool set for improved medical office management. It is a versatile solution for managing paper. Categorizing and efficiently moving documents into the EHR represents a significant challenge and time drain for many practices. The Document Manager overcomes that challenge by offering substantial efficiency gains. Whether retrieving faxes from a fax server, importing transcription documents or storing the practice utility bills – Document Manager is a simple solution.

With TriMed’s Document Manager your practice can import, upload and categorize documents, monitor email accounts, scan large paper loads seamlessly, and parse and convert files into readable PDF electronically. In addition, files can be edited directly from the EHR. From patient data to practice contracts and documents, TriMed’s Document Manager gives your practice full control of your files electronically.

If you don’t yet have an EHR, your practice can still benefit from this robust tool. Use TriMed’s Document Manager to facilitate a more efficient medical office management system.

Save time and money in your medical office management by going digital with TriMed’s Document Manager and contact TriMed Technologies today at (866) 874-6339.

July 9th, 2016