How Practice Management, EHR Reports Make Your Job Easier

Transitioning to a new Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) system can be complex. Researching, investing, and comparing available technologies is a challenging task. Don’t let the benefits of EHR slip through the cracks while you take handwritten notes. EHR doesn’t just improve CMS reimbursement through Meaningful Use certification, it also makes your job a lot easier when the EHR you choose provides customizable reports.

When researching PM and EHR systems, ensuring customized reporting capabilities is critical to creating a more efficient workflow and intelligent insight with the click of your mouse. From reports on patient data and billing to physician-specific activities, your new PM/EHR can give you important answers to questions that would have otherwise been nearly impossible to obtain.

EHR Provides Patient Reporting Through Medical Records

Patient Reporting enables your practice to query your patient database and medical records for a variety of information including chart-level data. Using medical records and data field population, the system can provide reporting on patient health history, treatment history, biometric data, symptoms, and lifestyle choices, then compose a comprehensive snapshot of patients’ ongoing health.

Physicians can use this information to provide preventative and chronic care management more efficiently and effectively.

Patient reporting can also assist in identifying patients who have not filled out required documentation or questionnaires to improve quality care, coordination, and safety. Where before EHR your practice may have relied on the front office to laboriously review each file and identify missing documentation or chart-level details; with an EHR you can simply run a report and have the information you need in a fraction of the time.

Physician Reporting Provides Insight into Your Practice’s Physician Activity

Electronic Health Record systems also permit physician-specific reporting to track activities by each member of your practice. The use of EHR by your practice results in recorded physician activities within medical records. From the moment a patient chart is opened, each command is stored as a reportable action.

This empowers physicians or administrators to evaluate workflows in how certain physicians are practicing medicine. From the number of specific drugs prescribed to number and types of diagnoses, a customized report can be devised to give insight into the activities, efficiency, and effectiveness of your practice’s members.

Practice Management (PM) Makes Billing Analysis Easier

PM gives your practice control and insight over your Account Receivables (A/R). With a PM system you can run rolling A/R by specific time ranges, specific insurance payers and even specific physicians. You can easily pull 0-30, 30-60, 60-90, 90-120, and 120+ day numbers with the click of a button. With this information you can ensure your billing department is posting aged A/R and following up on denials and slow payers in a timely manner.

You can also run billing reports for each provider in your office to identify any early warnings. If Medicare abruptly stops paying on a specific provider, you can easily and quickly identify this error, evaluate it and follow up before it becomes a problem. You can also run Medicare-specific reports to ensure your office is following proper billing practices, denial follow-ups, and receiving timely payments in accordance with CMS’ and your practice’s policies.

PM offers a plethora of additional customizable reports. From procedure trends to billed claims, PM gives you insight into and control of your practice’s activities, your patients’ health, and your physicians’ trends.

Practice Management and Electronic Health Records Provide You with the Control to Effectively Manage Your Practice

Custom Clinical Reporting is a robust feature of TriMed Technologies’ PM/EHR system. Custom reports empower physicians, practice managers, and administrators with all of the specific practice data at their fingertips. Evaluating practice, physician, and procedural trends can help ensure long-term success in both patient care and a practice’s bottom line.

Get the insight you need to make your job easier and your practice more successful by contacting TriMed Technologies today at (866) 874-6339.

September 15th, 2016