The Benefits of Using a Mobile EHR

It’s no secret that medical professionals are always on the go. Your day doesn’t end when you leave the office. Your job doesn’t stop when you go on vacation. Your patients count on you to be there when they need you.

Understanding technology that is available to help you be there for your patients while maintaining your own life, is crucial to their health, and yours. Learn how the benefits of a mobile EHR can improve patient care and your quality of life too.

Make Decisions Away from the Office while You’re Mobile

Mobile EHR omits the need for a computer cabled to your office network to provide care. An EHR that offers mobile access lets you access patient information at the point of care so you can make important decisions even though you are not in the office.

Improve Communications with Patients and Staff through Mobile EHR

A mobile EHR improves communication with your patients and staff by providing you with rapid access to essential information such as imaging, lab results, chart information, patient history and even prescription requests. With your mobile device you can easily share with other appropriate providers or with your patient.

Order and Chart on the Go

Mobile access to EHR isn’t just about reviewing information — it’s interactive. You can complete patient charting, schedule a new appointment, write notes, input orders, and generate charges with the click of a button on your mobile device from anywhere.

Boost Patient Satisfaction with Mobile Functionality

Patient satisfaction is an increased focal point in today’s healthcare reimbursement environment. A mobile EHR gives you access to patient records when and where you want it. It increases the quality of care the patient receives because you are able to make informed decisions wherever you are.

Go Mobile with TriMed’s Amplify

Stop tethering yourself to the walls of your office and start providing care no matter where you are with TriMed’s Amplify Mobile EHR. Get rapid access to your EHR, make decisions about care, and improve patient satisfaction and your quality of life by contacting TriMed Technologies today at (866) 874-6339.

December 7th, 2016