New Features in TriMed’s EHR

New Features in TriMed’s EHR: Widgets and Custom Tabs

Among the new features that are being shipped in the most recent release of the EHR, the spotlight falls squarely on two new features: Custom Home Tabs and Widgets.

Custom Home Tabs

Previously, the Home page has always defaulted to show the user 7 predefined tabs: Schedule, Review, Messages, Task Center, Split Mode, Outlook, and Dashboard. Now, the Home page tabs can be customized according to the individual workflow of a specific user or even an enterprise level.

There are two different ways that users can customize their home tabs. 1.) They can change both the number and order of tabs that appear. 2.) They can opt to use any combination of Classic tabs or Custom tabs. For users who don't want their tabs to change, they will find that the Classic tabs are still there and are identical to the Home tabs used in previous versions. Only now, users can delete unused tabs or reorder tabs according to their preference.

To create a custom tab users can navigate to: Tools > User Preferences > Home/SysWide. After checking the Advanced Home Tab box, users can simply select and name the tabs they intend to customize. Upon saving and navigating back to the Home page, users can build their custom tab by clicking on the gear icon in the top right of the screen. Then select a widget type to add and configure the widget accordingly.


We created widgets to give users a way to retrieve important pieces of chart information from different places in the chart. For example, a user can elect to aggregate all unsigned items without leaving, visiting the Task Center.

Widget Types

  • Schedule
  • Unsigned Items
  • Orders
  • Ordered Immunizations
  • Unsigned Results
  • Health Watcher Items
  • Rx Refill Requests
  • Messages
  • Notifications
  • Chart Items
Widget Filters

All widgets have a set of associated filters and can be used with default or custom settings. Once filters are set they can be easily changed. Note that the app will retain the changes for the current session. Once the user logs out and back in, the app will reset to the chosen default filters for each widget.

Hiding Widgets

On all widgets (except the schedule widget) the user can choose to hide the widget if the result count is zero. Any widgets that have this setting enabled AND an item count of zero, will also display a check box ‘Show Hidden Widgets’ at the top of the page. If the user checks this option, all widgets will be displayed regardless of the count.

Signing Items

When users choose the Chart Items and Unsigned Items widgets they will be able to select items to sign. When the user chooses an item to sign, sign icon will appear in the top right corner of the page. If the user chooses to sign an unsigned item from the Chart Items widget, the required fields will not validate and the user will be unable to sign the item.

August 12th, 2015