Since 1996, TriMed Technologies has been providing cutting-edge Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and services to medical practices, management service organizations (MSOs), and large medical central billing companies. While health care has evolved and changed over the years, our mission has remained simple and steadfast: solve problems of time, money, and risk to improve patient care and your practice profitability.

As a company, we want to see providers succeed. While you specialize in health and medical care, we specialize in software and technology advancements. Over the years we have taken great joy in partnering with the medical field to learn the ins and outs of how technology can benefit you. We have studied the natural workflow, as well as the ever-changing regulations that medical practices follow daily, and we have created and designed tools that can assist you in new and innovative ways.

While we have worked to understand the ecosystem and life of a typical medical practice, we always welcome the challenge and chance to tweak our software to better serve its users. With new ideas always arising, we regularly implement enhancements with every release. One of the ways we set ourselves apart from our competitors is the capability at which we have to work alongside our clients to learn their workflow and listen to their specific needs. When we initially begin working with a new client one of the fascinating aspects of our job is discovering ways to enhance the product. We often find that our suite of products more than meets the needs of a new client, but we love the opportunity to bounce ideas off of providers and clinical staff to discover new ways to let technology do what it does best - simplify the tasks we do every day.

Another way we set ourselves apart from competitors is our mentality of how software support should be given. The support team located in our High Point, NC office is ready to address your questions and concerns 24/7. Our support mentality is that you should be able to easily reach us and immediately get a response. When you call or email, you are never given a number or asked to wait your turn in a support queue. We know our clients by name and pride ourselves on quick responses when an issue or question arises.